February 9th, 2017


the tyranny of distance I

I had a technical phone screen today; I think it went well. After it was over, looked the person up on Facebook and found that we knew people in common, so that bodes well, too.

As it seems increasingly likely that my days in the Bay Area are numbered, I've been thinking quite a bit about what brought me here, what made me leave, and what made me come back. I originally came out here in '98, on the coattails of a friend who got hired by a network company. Silicon Valley was the place I had read about since childhood, the mythical promised land where there was high tech on every corner, all the big companies were in one place, and there were untold wonders to behold. Some of that was true, at least. (I'm still miffed that I missed seeing the Icon Garden at Apple with the larger-than-life dogcow by a few months.) It didn't take me all that long to realize just how misguided some of my preconceptions were: most high-tech companies are utterly boring to wander through unless you adore cubicle farms or rows of tables; many of the companies are banal, boring, or both; and that it would be trivial for me to get from one place in the Bay Area to another.
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The upshot is that while there are people I would be utterly delighted to see, I just don't have the spoons to go see them. (Social anxiety means that I'm not too likely to suggest plans, either.) If I had a car, that would certainly help, but that doesn't seem too likely. So.... between feeling somewhat trapped in the city and not being inspired by the culture or jobs around here (which is probably worth a post of its own), GTFO seems like it's the thing to do.
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