December 13th, 2016


well, that sucked.

I took the GRE general subject test on Monday, although from the get-go it didn't bode well; I completely failed to notice the "oh yeah, even though your time is '1PM', actually get there half an hour in advance" notice about 70% of the way down into the confirmation email until about 45 minutes before the test was scheduled to begin. Of course, the bus was being extra slow and off schedule, too. The test center was not actually all that busy, however, and I was able to take the test without difficulty - or more precisely, without any external factors interfering. Assuming the end-of-test scores were accurate, I did fairly poorly - 161 for both verbal and math, which correspond to 88th and 79th percentiles, respectively. I suppose from an absolute point of view those scores are decent, but I'm still used to doing much better than that. I'm rather bummed out by it.

In any case, I indicated that my scores should be sent to the (ALA accredited) Library Science program where my sister went, which isn't far from my parents' house. I had considered it a vague possibility up until a week or three ago, until I found out that they offer a concentration in digital curation - i.e. the preservation, curation, and archiving of digital assets; that made it a lot more compelling, especially given the number of friends and acquaintances I have who've been involved with the Internet Archive, Apple ][ software preservation, etc. Would I be able to finagle my way in, especially as my sister went there? Not sure. But....

My mom had emergency surgery last week; she should be home from the hospital now. She had remarked not too long ago that Dad was getting increasingly forgetful - and I had thought, when I visted her about two months ago, that she was also getting a little forgetful. While my sister is still in the area (and unlikely to depart anytime soon), I'm still somewhat uneasy, and have been wondering if I should be keeping a closer eye on them. In a few days, I'll be visiting them for the holidays, and will be there for about a month; a big part of staying that long is to see how well I'd be willing and/or able to live with them (or in the area) again. While there's an outside chance I'd move to LA (I have a pal or two who work for SpaceX, which is pretty compelling), moving back to Chicago in the next couple of months seems like it's the most likely possibility of my extremely vague future plans. I'm not sure what I think of this, especially given how conservative my parents are, and how much I reel in my more unconventional behavior. (Talking to them about things like transfolk or gender issues is an exercise in pokerfacery.)

So, yeah. "Unsettled" seems like the way to describe things right now.