September 30th, 2016


Funemployment: week 2.

I'm now in my second week of funemployment. I've left the house all of three times so far, and one of those was going to the corner store. I think, in retrospect, I had underestimated the levels of freaked-out-ness and social anxiety I have; I would have expected I'd have wanted to go out and about more by now, but nope. A bunch of this is depression+anhedonia, to be honest - but the isolation has extended to being unwilling/unable to engage with social media as well, except in an extremely decoupled fashion (i.e. not much in the way of realtime 1:1 chat.)

If I've calculated things correctly, I could continue to live in SF (albeit, in a very frugal manner) for about two years without dipping into my investments; whether this speaks more to my lifestyle or my medicore rate of investments remains to be seen. Rent and health insurance are the two massive hits; insurance is probably going to be around $330/mo, at least partially because any sort of affordability metric is tied to how much one makes during the year, not one's current income. I'm probably going to have to COBRA for a month, unless I get my act together in the next 18 hours or so and sign up with one of the carriers. (That's $560/mo, ho ho ho.) I really hope I can do the vast majority of it online, as I'm still shying away from people enough that it'd be a formidable impediment if real live human wormbabies were involved.

I did start cleaning up the apartment, at least; that's something which I haven't had the spoons to do for... a year? Maybe two? Figuring out what the oldest thing in my fridge is will be an entertaining diversion. (Did you know that if eggs don't go rotten, they just sort of dry out into the shells and dessicated spheres?) I'm going to have to start explicitly scheduling activities and to-do lists pretty soon; otherwise, it seems like I'd be all too willing to just stay in bed and browse the internet all day. But hey, the house-cleaning was semi-spontaneous, so that was encouraging. Wubba lubba dub dub!