April 10th, 2011


flying away

My Dad embodies most of the things about Asperger's that I dread seeing in myself: irrational stubbornness, obliviousness, and so forth. He's also started hoarding more in recent years; my sister calls his computer desk "the hamster nest" due to the roughly three inch pile of papers and whatnot that lay on the floor. He won't throw anything out; to the contrary, he'll sometimes rescue things from the garbage. I've secretly tossed plastic bags full of rusty nails, but I can't purge and clean up like I (and Mom) would like to.

Gee, I wonder why I've felt torpid and unwilling/unable to do anything for the past couple of months?

Anyway, I've had enough and I'm flying back to the SFBA on 17 May; now, if I can just find employment in the city/eastbay....