July 25th, 2010


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I've now been in London for the better part of a week. Work, while being not quite as assy as I'd dreaded, still ain't that great. I had a long (three hours, maybe?) talk with my coworker who'd transferred out of my group. He convinced me that I shouldn't immediately quit and go wander around Europe and then move back to the SFBA - which had been something I was very seriously considering for a few days, and still haven't entirely dismissed. (Then again, my idea of a rash decision is thinking about something for less than a week.) Talking with him did clarify a bunch of things which'd been bothering me, though....

Part of what has made this job shitty for me is that I'm a slow learner. Things like memorization, or associating random arbitrary stuff with other random arbitrary stuff, or things that I can't go back to first principles on, I'm terrible at. For example: with languages, I'm absolute crap at memorizing vocabulary, but rather good at the grammar to fit the pieces together. If I can't compare'n'contrast something to something else I've learned before, it's very slow going. This particular job involves lots of heuristics that involve doing one thing in one situation, a second thing in a third, and being able to use a very wide but shallow set of knowledge. I'm pretty much the opposite; I much prefer narrow-but-deep. (As it turns out, the coworker who'd transferred is the same way, and was part of the reason he'd quit the group.)

One thing that wasn't changed by talking to my coworker was the desire to depart London. I've lived in plenty of other metropolitan areas before, and am thus somewhat inured to the Ooh-Shiny that London would have otherwise wrought. Perhaps in another time and another place, had my stupid body not decided that it was painful to walk around, or had I been around when a bunch of other people I'd known were living here, I'd have taken to the city more; as it is, I find London to be somewhat cold, unfriendly, rude and full of tossers and shitty food. (It's a great place to visit, though. It's also somewhat telling that I saw more parts of London when Aneel came to visit than I've seen the entire rest of the time here.) Touring through Europe has shown me that I definitely want to see more of it; spending only twelve hours in a given place is nowhere near enough.