April 28th, 2008


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Whee. Was out at dinner/drinks with coworkers - emphasis on the "drinks". Turns out my comprehension/speaking of japanese goes way, way up when I'm kinda 'faced. (My typing skills engender many more typos, on the other hand.) Fun was had by all. This contrasts quite a bit with being awoken this morning by the police investigating some gaijin deadbeat (or so we infer) who was in my room about a year ago. It was kind of annoying being awakened from the bizarre and portentous dream I had about some gigantic redwood-like tree that turned into a sleeping human female when fed the right combination of magical ingredients (which was required for some mission I and the elder witch were on). Also realized that one of the probable reasons for my hypersomnia is that warmth + blankets = comfort to my aspie self when all around me are people I can't talk to and stress about job (possible Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo, not having firm health insurance that works in Japan, etc - but mostly not being able to talk to people.) Go figure.
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