October 19th, 2007


moof's daily life

Things have settled into a routine, mostly; I go to work, and very occasionally go out and about. This is where it starts to get interesting in terms of a daily living basis: now that the novelty is wearing off - now what?

I no longer pull the faucet to try and turn it on (which is quite handy, cuz you can just nudge it with your elbow when your hands are all dirty, then push it back upwards once your hands are clean.); it seems normal that bell peppers are around $1 each, or a Wendy's double goes for $7; that manga is sorted by publisher and then by author (unless it's porn or subculture or girly, in which case it gets sorted a little differently).

One of my roommates says that he feels far less alien here than he did back home in Canada; here, he's expected to be weird, whereas in Canuckistania he felt much more pressure to fit in and conform. I feel just as much (or as little) an outsider here as I did in the US - but the way in which it manifests is certainly different.

Perhaps if the rain lets up tomorrow, I'll try hitting the flea market at the racetrack - but for right now, it sure is nice to sit and listen to.
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