October 4th, 2007



Many of my roommates (and quite a few subway riders) are starting to cough and sniffle; the sudden change from 80F -> 70F may have something to do with it. I have decided to be lazy and sleep in today, especially after the "get up at 6:30 for conference call" bit yesterday.

The initial shine is starting to wear off; riding the subway is no longer a novelty, and I occasionally yearn for the utter laziness of "walk 20' to car, drive to work, walk 200' to office". Some things are still jarring; the unfamiliar smells when walking around is one of them - not that the odors themselves are super-alien, but the context in which they occur is. Glancing at kanji or kana and recognizing what they mean without having to think about it is a little weird, too. Nice, yes; not knowing htf to pronounce what they say, kinda annoying.

I miss easy access to spicy, cheap pizza.