September 11th, 2007


(no subject)

It's thundering right now. Yay! I'm glad it only started raining after I took an (unplanned) hour stroll around the neighborhood. Unlike some other neighborhoods (e.g. Hiroo, one stop down on the subway), Nakameguro is quite unpretentious, and has lots of stuff hidden away in corners. While still quite densely populated, it has a fair amount of greenery, especially by the river.

Work provided me with a cellphone today; unfortunately, it only speaks Japanese (boo!), is Windows Mobile (booooooooooooo!), and - most importantly - seems terminally unable to get email pages, due to Windows Mobile being utterly retarded and wanting to use Outlook for _everything_ message based. I'll struggle with it a bit more, but I think that last bit has doomed it. Alas.

I have to be up at assoclock (around 6:30AM) tomorrow to get to the office in time for the 3pm Pacific meeting; turns out that the local toll-free number ain't toll-free when you call from a cellphone, and there's no landline here. Bummer.