July 23rd, 2007


the drinking thing

Saw the doc/surgeon today for my followup visit; he said that everything looks fine and dandy, yay. He talso ook the other artificial booger out of my nostril; guess it wasn't ziti after all.

In regards to the "liquids coming out my nose when drinking" thing: previously, I had giantonormous tonsils and a fully-working uvula; the uvula thus didn't need to go very far (or work very hard) in order to block off the nasal passages in the throat. Now that the tonsils are gone and the poor little grape has been sliced and sewn back together, I (effectively) need to re-learn how to swallow. Even over the past couple of days, I've noticed that it's gotten better; full "nominal" recovery time is expected to be about a month, where I get back 'minimal normal functionality' or something to that effect.

I also asked him about being able to speak French once my uvula is healed; he said that, yeah, give it a month. (This is extra-cool, because I couldn't speak French before, either.)

The doc in question is Jerome E Hester at the Facial Reconstructive Surgical and Medical Center in Palo Alto, in case any of y'all care.