July 20th, 2007

rabbit scribe from maya vase

day +3

Many thanks to y'all for the kind words and well wishes, with an extra-super gigantic amount of gratitude to weezyl (and to siva) for picking me up from the hospital, letting me stay overnight, et al. Best ex-wife ever (even if she does have a thing for teh gay lorikeets.)

Am eating more, and have mostly gotten the "swallow liquids" trick down. Went back to work today, too; speaking is still difficult and painful, so I got to use a combination of elaborate shrugs, typing, whiteboard sketching, and charades. I see the doc on Monday for the follow-up visit. Main complaints are still about the uvular stuff - hard to speak, painful, annoying to feel the stitches at the roof of my mouth, etc.

Big remaining nastiness: getting rid of the sheer amounts of crap I've been left with by erstwhile roommates, and figuring out housing in Tokyo. Still not reading LJ (save for the comments left here), so if there's stuff afoot, I'm blithely ig'nant 'bout it all.
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