January 13th, 2007



Sometime around 2pm Thursday, I got it into my head that it was actually Friday. Slept in until about 2, went to Race Street to eat some tasty fish - and at around 4:30 found that my cellphone was saying it was Friday for some reason. Rebooted said phone, but nope, still Friday. Oops. Ended up getting into the office at 5:15pm.

As it happens, sleeping in again today seems to have been good for me; the series of colds I've had seem to finally be abating. The main remnant is that my left ear is clogged somehow that I have a slight phase shifting or delay or something, so everything sounds really weird.

And on Monday, I have a videoconference job interview with the United Nations University in Tokyo. From the job description, I ain't sure what they're actually looking for - and stalking their web and network presence has turned up remarkably little.

Am I the only person who's very much reminded of Bjork by The Knife? By the phrasing, at least?
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