October 2nd, 2006

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As of yesterday, I've lived in California for eight years.

As of 1.5 hours ago, a jerk in a Lexus plowed into my driver's side rear door and acted all outraged.

edit: I'm fine, save for a little bump on the side of my head. Car door is dented in, oh noes. Asshat's bumper got some paint on it, but I bet he's going to file a claim anyway.

more editing: I was U-turning in the middle of the street with my lights on, turn signal active, etc. He didn't brake, and splut. Cops were called, I have a police report (09-2903), and I wasn't written any tickets or anything. Unless Portola Valley Dork files a claim (and thus, I'll be obligated to counterclaim), I'll just pull the dent out myself.
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