February 5th, 2005

IRL peeps

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As opposed to the incredibly difficult 'What emotion is this person feeling, just from seeing their eyes' test, I got 19/20 for the Spot the Fake smile test. HA! Fear my high-functioning autistic powers! (Especially since "Most people are surprisingly bad at spotting fake smiles.")

I also went to the Anime Overdose staff meeting today; if any of youse fine people are interested in volunteering for ConOps, gimmie a holler and I'll point y'all in the right direction. The event itself, March 4-6, looks promising; the Tokyo Dark Castle stuff, in particular, sounds really nifty - they're going to have Psycho Le Cemu, for one.

And while I'm at it - are any of you peeps planning on going to Dr. Quinn's wedding in Vegas in April? If so, would any of you be interested in coordinating travel plans?

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