September 28th, 2004

kill whitey!

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I took a nap at work. It's nearly 9pm, I'm still there. Urgh, so much crap to deal with! I really don't want to have to step through old, buggy, stupidly-written b0rken code in addition to the other stuff which I haven't yet gotten to...

I think I'll go home and work from there. Can't redye my hair this evening because my package from goodgoth with my hairdye still hasn't arrived, either. Whine, whine, whine. [edit after g-na stole my brane and wouldn't give it back, but was gracious enough to point out I wasn't making a lick of sense.]

Ϡ I think that's my favorite archaic Greek character (the letter 'Sampi'); too bad it almost certainly won't render correctly on anybody's browser.
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