June 17th, 2004


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I was gonna write more of the stalking guide, but instead I'm gonna be a good boy and go to bed early; I have a long day of staring at code tomorrow and going "Mruh?" a lot. Since it's unfair to keep on talking about it but not actually writing anything, here's a Helpful moofstalker Hint: moof is almost always utterly surprised to be stalked; he doesn't expect people to be terribly interested in him.

Also, I think I may have to actually put up and wear the red leopard-print dress to work on Friday. (Web doesn't believe me that I'd actually do it - I don't think - but iphy does.) The funny thing is, it's actually pretty nice and demure.
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I hate it when I wake up early. I haven't slept enough, and I get moody for the rest of the day. Maybe I'll overcome my apathy and go to bed soon.