June 12th, 2004

the gaping maw

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Augh, why am I still awake? I need to go to bed, then try to wake up at a normal hour. I have an 8:30AM Kool-aid drinking orientation at Yahoo! on Monday, and a zillion things to do tomorrow - clean up the room, try and make it over to Know Knew to sell off a buncha books, maybe do laundry, de-scruffify myself, buy bratwurst and other sundries, get dressed, pick up kaligrrrl from BART, go to party, return home, collapse.

I suppose if I'm going to attempt to go to bed in ten minutes, I shouldn't be drinking iced tea. Oops. Speaking of tasty drugs, I found out day before yesterday that it looks like Walgreens shortchanged me on my Real Expensive Prescription, by about ten days worth. Eep. Fortunately, I had some capsules in the wrong dosage - so I got to sit at the kitchen table with a plate and a knife, dump out the powder, cut and divide it up, and put it into new capsules. Yay drugs! This, incidentally, is one of the main reasons I don't quite trust the medical establishment - it's not that treatment isn't possible or available, but that it'll randomly get denied to me. I've had this happen multiple times; the pharmacy screwing up is one of the most benign cases - all it takes is money, or having squirreled away extra somewhere.

Blurgh, I'm rambling. Stalkers take note: if you want me to talk, let me get real tired; I can become hard to shut up.

edit: I forgot to whine about being broken out everywhere. Dumb skin, wah!
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