June 7th, 2004


honk honk

It's June, it's 8:15 PM, and it's 63F outside? WTF? It's been chilly all day, this ain't supposed to happen here in Sunny California. I'm pretty sure I'm sick with something - at least, the constantly runny nose and occasional cough would lead me to think that - so I spent most of the day lying in bed, geekin' a little, and watching the truly awful film Witchouse. Best thing about the film: the mansion in Romania they shot it in; the interior looks an awful lot like the RHPS set.

Bluh, I can't come up with anything interesting - not surprising since I've spent most of the day sitting around the house in my bathrobe. Maybe I'll go and put together an "introduction to moofstalking" document.
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