June 1st, 2004

tragic moof

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I got laid off, it sounds like. (I'm on PTO today, recovering from Fanime.) More news later, but right now I go eat lunch. Mmmm, lunch.

(Edit: what an odd choice for 'calm' that icon is.)
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I did, in fact, get laid off. Getting stared at while I was collecting up my stuff in my cubicle was a little unnerving. Oh well, the checks are deposited, and tomorrow I'll sleep in and probably go to the cafe and fiddle with my watercolors. Not too bad, I suppose.

I didn't get all that many pictures at Fanime, unfortunately; a lot of them turned out blurry or like ass, and I didn't go out and about nearly as much as I'd like to have. Oh well, I'll fix that next year. In the meantime, my pictures are here.

Also, I ate too much sushi and didn't get enough sleep this morning. I think soon I shall take me a nap.
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