May 9th, 2004


saturday stuffses

I got more than 4000 spam over the course of Saturday; ugh. In more pleasant news, I went to the Fanime staff meeting; talked about various ConOps things. (I suppose I should tell seshat that I've added her to my friends list; I'm fairly sure that she doesn't know I know she has an LJ. I'm not really a stalker, I'm just drawn that way.) Parked by the lump of poo and got a ticket five minutes after the meter expired. Grrrrr. Had dinner with the ConOps people, that was a lot o' fun.

Picked up Kate from the train station, went to the disasterhouse party, saw a bunch of people I knew britgeekgrrl (for whom I forgot to burn the Angel CD), vvvexation (who I finally got to actually talk to, although I got skittish afterwards), angelbob, and bunches of other people I sorta recognize but don't know who they are. The party was rather more boisterous than the last one I'd attended; much louder, more crowded, etc. My biggest complaint would be that they didn't have enough Coke, but I also didn't bring any, either. Had to leave because I wasn't feeling so hot, but Kate kindly made my goodbyes for me.

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Of course, there's entirely too many things going on for the next three or four weeks; it's gonna be hectic (but fun.)

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