March 14th, 2004


that's where I'm a viking!

Well, I made it to neither the fanime staff meeting nor the ratpoisonvalē; instead, I ended up sleeping about fourteen hours and had an incredibly long series of dreams; the gist of them was that I had to choose which of two groups I was going to belong to in a secret universe that was only accessible through the back wall of my parents' garage that only these weird spectral cars could drive through. I asked the person at the registration desk what the groups were, how was I supposed to choose? Her answer was to offer me a plate with two kinds of pastries on it: chocolate brownies or baklava-like things. I chose the baklava (I'm a sucker for baklava), and that corresponded to the Change/Chaos group; had I chosen the brownies, I'd have been part of the Order/Static group. It was odd, because earlier in the dream I had been hanging out with the Order people; they were a little stuck up, but were mostly pretty cool, had great clothes, and I played video games with them for a few hours. The Change people were a little duller, but were much more down-to-earth. I realized that when I was lumped with them that my actual goal was to be on the interface between the two where they met up and all the interesting stuff happened, the dynamism between order and chaos. (No Amberites showed up.) It was a damn nifty set of dreams; I only wish I could have had them at some time when I wouldn't miss out on the awake things.

And to go off on an almost utter tangent, here's something I wrote the other day when I was waiting three hours for Costco to put new tires on my car. Collapse )

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