February 6th, 2004

purple again

still not what I meant to write, but...

people and things I've seen lately, in no particular order:
  • ducks, swimming in the creek
  • a banner proclaiming "Show us a press pass and get a free slice of pie!"
  • people driving like idiots
  • A double rainbow
  • kaligrrrl and weezyl
  • the shower/bathtub half-full of water from the leaking tap and the drain that isn't.
  • the leaking tap fixed, but the drain still not working - and now backing up from the bathroom sink.
  • bunches of little kids staring at me and my hair
  • my DSL connection sucking ass
  • something I'd lost for quite a while - but now I don't remember what it is!
  • the morning light turning real stark yellow - something I've never seen outside of California, and maybe a sign of spring
  • a picture of my sister next to a gigantic snow bunny; my sister's around 5'10"
  • both Hoegaarden White and Abita Turbodog at BevMo - hadn't had either of those beers for quite a long time. num num.
  • the clock right now saying 2:30AM (and I don't know how it got to be that late.)
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