August 6th, 2003

moof and myst

random stuff from today

I found out that cutting out latex is a bitch and a half if you don't use a cutting mat. With a mat, it gets much, much easier. Another thing that makes things easier is if you consistently start measuring from inch zero or inch one. Not doing so leads to much confusion.

I only drank about two liters of iced tea this evening. My record for one sitting is close to four liters.

I refrained from killing my cow orker, who's very intelligent but completely absent of Clue. I'd go as far as to say he's got negative clue - he sucks Clue and time and energy out of the rest of us. The man Does Not Get It.

Lindt 80% Cocoa bars are pretty tasty.

My middle name, according to, is a "very rare" male name, and the 2030th most common female name. (Hint: it starts with K.)

I should have gone to bed 70 minutes ago.
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