June 19th, 2003

moof and myst

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Gah, I hadn't realized how expensive beds were. This combo futon/frame looks kinda nifty. Around $650 for the whole thing, though. Gah. Looking through the websites makes me feel like I'm playing the Sims.

(If any of y'all have suggestions for where to get beds/futons, let me know; I'll be buying one Real Soon.)
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I saw Myst streak out of my room today, a big shedding grey blur. I finally figured out what the hell he's doing in my room, too: He likes to bat around the strings on the window blinds.

I ordered a futon. I realized I get real annoyed if I don't have a bed that's big enough (i.e. so my feet don't stick out, or threaten to.) I'm gonna attempt to go to sleep early and get into the office early, so I can bugger on out and get to FanimeCon at a reasonable time. Woo.
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