April 14th, 2003

rabbit scribe from maya vase

The meaning of my back

I've been interested in Taoism for over ten years now; when I first read the Tao Te Ching in Boston in 1992, it made immediate sense to me - and even the obscure bits seemed in the same style in which I think. While I'm not fond of the dogmatic bits of Taoism - 'for every god Buddhism has, we'll have two!' - the core has always been very appealing.

One of the fun things about classical Chinese is that it has a myriad of interpretations possible; here's five translations of chapter 6, and here's five translations of chapter 71. Some of them vary pretty dramatically from each other. Why'd I choose those two chapters to put on my back? I like the visual form of the writing, that they're short but express a lot in that short amount of space, and that they're open to interpretation.

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The only problem is that right now the tattoo is damn itchy (and I have to whap myself with a stick to get it to itch less), my back is threatening to break out, and my right tragus seems unhappy. Grrr. I bet it's hormones.

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