March 25th, 2003

kill whitey!

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Mmm, job interview in 4.5 hours and I've only been able to "sleep" - i.e. fitfully thrash around in bed - for about five hours.

Maybe the waffle I had will be properly soporific.
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kill whitey!


I slept for three hours, and dreamt that saraicat was my sister. (Why, I don't know; I don't even know her.) I got up, briefly paniced when I couldn't find the job application/NDA, took a shower, found the app where I had cleverly placed it so it wouldn't get lost or munged up, drove through Jack in the Box, and sped over to Palo Alto for my interview at Danger.

I think I did OK. I was slightly ADDish, being hyperfocused yet forgetful, which was kind of annoying. I muffed remembering all the fields in an IP packet (I hadn't read RFC791 for quite a while), what an xid is in NFS (it's the transaction ID in RPC), and I have no idea wtf they meant by "state inspection". I slightly bobbled a few other things, but I think I got the gist across. They didn't start laughing and pointing as soon as they left the room, always a good sign.

Went home, tried not to fall asleep, geeked for a while, cleaned up, geeked some more, finally felt hungry around 9:30, and went to the grocery store where I found I had odd cravings for cheese and Vitamin C. I gave in to said urges, came home, and ate macaroni and cheese and typed this. I think I'm gonna sleep pretty well this evening.

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