February 28th, 2003

kill whitey!

Ruined Snow Penis Stimulates Debate

Quoted from the Harvard Crimson:
But women’s groups on campus have led a chorus of complaints against the snow penis, arguing that such a display is demeaning to women.

“It was offensive because it was pornographic,” said Amy E. Keel ’04, who said she and her roommate “dismantled” the giant snow penis.

Article is here.

In other news: California taxes suck, and I'd like to beat whomever is responsible for the instructions with a clawhammer; also, my eyebrows are not behaving. Grr.

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my emo entry for the month

I'm not sure I remember ever being not depressed. More accurately - I think I may have been in a constant low-level state of depression from about age 2-4 onward. If this is in fact true, it explains an awful lot about my development.

In other news, this has been one of the suckier Februaries; I'm much relieved that today is the last day of it. Bleh.

And to end on a better note: I dreamt that domo-kun was the guardian of the portal between universes, but somebody had trapped him in a room with a door handle that his stubby arm couldn't get at. His comment upon being released was "Raaar!"
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