January 27th, 2003

kill whitey!

Rope Bondage Comes in Handy During Futon Moving, says Area Man

I moved my King-size extra thick-and-annoying futon by myself in my Honda Civic. Ow.

I rolled my futon into the World's Biggest Burrito and then wrapped it with movers' clingwrap. After much swearing (for said futon has no easy way to grab onto it - no handles, no nothin' - I got it outside and to the car where it promptly failed to fit into the trunk. After staring at the car for a while, I noticed that the passenger door entry is bigger. (Master of the Obvious, that's me.) While better, the futon was still too big; the clingwrap kept on stretching. After much scraping of fingers and thinking of Snausages, ye olde 500lb paraline corde was pressed into service to bind the thing down where it could be scraped and cajoled into the car. It's too big to fit all the way in, so I got to drive down the street with my right rear passenger door sticking open a foot or two.

Boy, did that suck. I think I'm going to get me a smaller futon so that I don't have to put up with this again.

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The Tidy-Whitey Massace of '03

In preparing for moving all my crap, I'm getting rid of all my Tidy Whiteys (or Tighty Whiteys, to some), and about 50% of my t-shirts (maybe 20 or so). Woo, it's going to be at least three garbage bags worth (in addition to the one or two bags of stuff I already have.) It's enough stuff that it's almost worth considering getting a receipt for the donation. Hm.

Incidentally, if any of youse want a vintage 1976 Odyssey 2 videogame system (with around 18 cartridges!), a Mac IIci, a Mac SE/30, a bunch of random cables, or other miscellaneous hardware, speak up, because otherwise I'm donating those real soon as well. (You'd get the honor and privilege of picking them up from lovely Mountain View.)
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