January 11th, 2003

kill whitey!

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Last night I got home; my stomach hurt, I was feeling kinda nauseous, my knees were threatening to dislocate, and my hip had popped earlier. Seems I danced a bit too vigorously. I'd also have taken more care with the UV makeup if I'd have known that there were gonna be blacklights everywhere. Oh well, twas fun, and I got to giggle at the "A Street Downtown" exit ramp sign.

Now I get to load up and attempt to sell five shelves of books.
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even more emotional turmoil

I was driving home from lunch when my mood decided to crash. Got home, wailed for a while, and then went out to try and be social - even passively - and to Do Something. Went do Dana Street, had some coffee, walked around and ran into the youdidit folks, went to GameScape to try and purchase Little Fears. I was so out of it that I utterly failed to mention that both Jamie and Sean were there, until I walked up to the counter. Asked them to order Little Fears for me, started driving home, and more sobsville. I don't know what the fuck is going on. The feelings aren't attached to anything, as far as I know - they're just there.

I'm not sure which flavor of depression I get is worse - this 'sad, lonely, tired and drained, impossible to get going, nauseously not hungry' flavor, or the 'dread, nothing is enjoyable, slightly not hungry, no motivation, detached feeling' kind.

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makeup and color geekery

I've found when I mix UV reactive makeup, it's subtractive in normal light but additive in UV light.

Or in more practical terms:

  • mix yellow and red, and it looks orange under regular and UV light.
  • mix yellow and blue, and it looks green under regular and UV light.
  • mix red and blue, and it looks purple under regular and UV light.
  • but when you mix red, yellow, and blue... it looks babyshit brown* under regular light, but bright white (with a yellow tinge) under UV light.

This stuff is Krylon UV Aqua, if youse are interested in such things. I'd take pictures, but there's no way the colors would show up properly, alas.

* I suppose it could be "ochre".
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