October 20th, 2002


Ho hum.

This whole depression thing is starting to get me down; while I had a fun time yesterday, hanging out with Phoebe, I could feel it starting to creep back in towards the end. I was hoping I could sleep it (and the incipient cold I've got) off, but nope; I woke up feeling bleah and unmotivated to do much of anything except maybe eat and sleep and wank. I'm supposed to go to the Underworld show this evening; while I know it's going to be fun once I get there, I'm having a hell of a hard time working up enthusiasm to get going for it.

It's not that I feel particularly sad; it's just that nothing is terribly enjoyable. That's probably the worst bit, along with the inability to concentrate on anything for more than two or three minutes.

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    Chemical Brothers, Let Forever Be