March 26th, 2002

rabbit scribe from maya vase

emomoof (or would that be emof?)

Mmmm, mood swings. I've been taking St. John's Wort - a mild MAOI - and that's helped some, but I'm still real vulnerable at times. (I was a mess part of last night.) Getting to sleep last night was kinda nasty; I was tired but just didn't want to sleep somehow.

Last night's restlessness could partially be caused partially from attending the most excellent Ben Folds concert last night; I was impressed at his musical ability (but I'd still like to hear him play the Polonaise or some of the nastier �tudes) and at his showmanship. Not bad at all for a guy and his piano. Hearing that 'Rocking the Suburbs' was originally titled 'Korn Sucks' clarified a lot about the song.

Looks like my next three weekends are just about full, too. Yay for being social - especially if I can manage to shake off my surliness.

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