February 16th, 2002



The laptop I use (that work provides) decided to not only have its ethernet dongle go belly up, but to also get really really warm and start to exude the lovely smell of frying silicon - so instead of being comfortable in my bed, I get to sit up at the monitor that's too high up, on the desk that's crappy, in the chair that's uncomfortable.

My body is acting all weird on me - my GI was not happy with lunch, and has decided to make its displeasure apparent early and often. Add to this the cold that's been threatening to make my life even more annoying, and it points pretty clearly to the idea that I ought to stay home this evening and just rest up (and be unsick enough to go out tomorrow if all goes well.)

Although it seems like my online musings and general demeanour consists of nothing but bitching and moaning, I had quite a lot of fun last night; I went to the DNA lounge and saw gnat and jorm and rachel and madampc and gina and katrin and dan and ross and winnie and cymike (which still wasn't as many people as I was expecting).

rather more than fifteen minutes later...

So, anyway, I got to socialize with people whom I hadn't seen for a while, in a really cool environs, with DJs playing songs like "We Want Some Pussy" by 2 Live Crew that I hadn't heard for years, and drink an awful lot and watch the steadfastly "I only listen to EBM! Techno is crap!" goths dance to Underworld and psytrance.

About the only thing missing was a rant on how Love is all explained by the prophet of Gen X, John Hughes. Ally Sheedy is THE WEIRDEST girl around! John Cusack is THE UGLIEST and MOST INEPT boy in school! If EVEN THEY can find True Love then you must be even worse off than they and aren't really important!

But in any case, it looked like a good time was had by all.

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