December 20th, 2001


dull, dull, dull.

I got new glasses today; it's nice to be able to see. It's raining outside, but not thundering nor lightning (yet). My esteemed cow orkers stole all the ice out of the freezer, so I can't have as much iced coffee as I want. These are the notable (if dull) points of my day so far.

Last night, after having had very little sleep over the past several days, I fell asleep at 9am and ended up dreaming about magic and quantum physics again:

There were a bunch of people working on dog lasers and cat lasers, and trying to combine the two. I realized that cats and dogs are 180 degrees out of phase, so if they put an inverter in, they could then combine the two beams - and if the two beams were coherent, there'd be spin pair bonding akin to that of BCS type II superconductivity. (Even though catdog particles are their own antiparticles, the inverter would cause them to have opposite spins.)
This dream was slightly amusing, but mostly really really dull. It was so dull that I woke up at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep until 5. Bleah.
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