grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin

a nightmare

The bigwig was in front of the entire company, giving one of his infamous inspirational speeches, walking around the lunch area to which we'd all been hastily called five minutes before. His speech, very lightly accented somehow - Israeli? SoCal? was soft and intense; he talked of great things and great people and the goals that lie ahead of us. He stopped in his tracks as his gaze fell upon a styrofoam cup on top of the microwave. He looked around the room very intently and started to talk again, his tenor changed. "I hope you see why I have to do this. I have no other choice, really. It's what I have to do." He looks down at me, and without a trace of outward emotion, says "You're going to have to go. I hope you see why." I look back at everybody who are doing their damnedest to avoid looking at anything and say, "Bye." In a single monotone everybody replies, "Bye." Satisfied, the bigwig moves on and starts talking again about Great Things. "Fuck you", I quietly say to the not listening boss - and then I wake up, my heart pounding.

Well, if you want to know how to induce terror in me, there you go: flaws or arbitrary behavior I don't know I have and don't realize is unacceptable, workplace and job, and in front of a huge mess of people. Seeing today is probably related; I'm really glad I don't work at Yahoo! right now.

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