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Month four of living in SF has started, and it hasn't been quite as I'd expected or would have liked. As it turns out, it requires rather a lot of walking to really get anywhere in the city - and the left heel pain I'd had since Japan, roughly three years ago? Yeah, that wasn't gout, that's an 18mm bone spur that I'd fractured in two places. And so I've been wearing an orthotic boot for the past two months; while the heel spur has gotten better, I've developed rather nasty plantar fasciitis in the other foot in compensating for the gimpiness of the boot. (It feels like the left foot is getting fasciitis as well; that's still better than walking on broken bone pieces, I suppose.) But in any case - it hurts to walk. I'm loth to walk more than about a quarter mile, as that's about the point where it starts getting noticeably painful; this restricts my going places options quite a bit. (That I'm to refrain from NSAIDs to help the bone-healing process doesn't help much, either.)

It's still better than living in Oakland without a car, admittedly - but I'm missing my mobility quite a bit, and am feeling kinda shut-in. And it's still cold. (Work's gotten better, although there's still a fair bit of drama swirling around; that it's relatively 'normal' drama is a good thing, I suppose.)


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