grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin

What've I been up to since coming back to Chicago? Not a whole lot, really. Occasionally sending out resumes, but there's been a lot of lolling about. Part of this is due to Wikipedia being slooooow in their hiring practices; I dunno if they're swamped with resumes, work, or both, but it's been about a month since they first responded to my resume. After my experience with Google, I'd really like to work on something I gave more than two shits about, which is why I've been sort of meh about being more aggressive in looking elsewhere. Living rent-free with few expenses hasn't exactly spurred me to action, either.

One of the best things about spending time here is hanging out with my sister; she and I are far, far more similar than we had realized. As she puts it, "We were separated at birth... by eight years." Talking with her about library science is fun, too; it makes me think that I'd try and get a MLS of my own, if I could convince the institution that I didn't actually need a bachelor's.

I don't think I could easily live in Chicago again, long-term; the winter and the cold and grey just gets to me something awful. I had SAD as it was in California, but this is far worse. Here's to hoping I return to the SFBA sooner rather than later....


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