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moof's prattling


April 15th, 2002

indolent daze @ 03:01 am

Current Mood: wistful
Current Music: kd lang, Ingenue, Constant Craving

I spent this weekend not doing much of anything; Saturday evening I went to a housewarming where my mood went from OK to amazingly depressed and eventually back up to good. (Yessir, I'm your factory-direct connection to emotional stability.) Today I slept lots, played more Diablo II, and went back over to Clarence Street where geecat gave me a very thorough deep-tissue massage. (It definitely was not the relaxing kind, but my muscle knots generally laugh those off. I'll have to book him again Real Soon.) Afterwards, the huddled masses watched Donnie Darko.

Now that I've got the whos and whats done with, time for the whys: I have big fears that sometimes I'll open my mouth and say/think something that my friends will find loathsome, repulsive, or just plain hurtful - or along the same lines, that my point of view is something hateful and foreign to be castigated and I ought to be shunned. I managed to evoke that at the party while talking to a friend, and that pretty much guaranteed that I'd be in the massive downward spiral of depression. It'd be bad enough to do that to someone who didn't matter to me, but to do that to someone I care about... that's pretty much the biggest blackest pit I can dig myself into.

I wish my moods would find something new and different to fixate and dysthyme about.

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Date:April 15th, 2002 09:45 am (UTC)
ah, babe.

I can't speak for anyone else.. but it's been my experience that this group, this gang, will love you no matter how twisted your point of view.

sometimes.. hrm. I'm not finding the words to say what I want to, so I'll just do this:

{{long comforting hug}}
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Date:April 15th, 2002 12:43 pm (UTC)
Eh, it's screwy. I'm going through a lot of the same feelings, with the added notion that I HAVE to be loud and assertive enough to be saying something, expressing enough to show people I'm worthy of their attention. Which is something I'd do anyway, but I've said the wrong thing and been burned for it too many times . . . so, back and forth.

The best kind of friends are the ones who can like you just as much when you're wrong or offensive or drama-y, and not decide that any one of those sides is the defining last word on what you are.

moof's prattling