grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin

I had a long (text) chat with my sister the other night. Amongst various topics (zombies, the Sedlect Ossuary, library science, Norway, etc) we started talking about learning styles and what we were good (and not good at). It turns out that my sister is somewhat dyslexic - and I think I'm at least partially so. It would explain why I have problems with writing (and typing) things in the wrong order, why I need to really stare at phone numbers before they make sense to me, and why I have such a hard time telling when two pieces of text start in the same column (which makes python really quite annoying for me.) On the other hand, we can both read upside-down/distorted/rotated text without really thinking about it.

I'm always surprised that I'm still finding out things that are fairly fundamental to who I am, that seem 'obvious' in retrospect.

Tomorrow: I give my month's notice at the company (all praise the company.)

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