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moof's prattling


December 10th, 2001

ARRRRRRRRGH! @ 02:37 am

Current Mood: exasperated
Current Music: Fantastic Plastic Machine/There Must Be an Angel (tanimoody)

ARRGH ARRGH ARRGH ARRGH ARRGH! I've been working on this FUCKING CRACKBABYSMOKING piece of code for the PAST FOUR FUCKING HOURS only to find that the original programmer was not only braindamaged, but the code is structured in a way to mislead me into thinking that there's ANYTHING I could do to salvage this FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT into something useful.

Er, hi. If you ever see my cam and I'm scowling, it's stuff like this that makes me do such. I swear to god, I'm not irritable and antisocial all the time...

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moof's prattling