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My third week in London has just concluded. I've done remarkably little in the way of going out and seeing stuff; on the weekends, for the most part, I've been too tired to do much. Drinking from the firehose at google has been pretty exhausting, not to mention "not having a place of my own" or "knowing (maybe) one or two people in the area".
London isn't much like I thought it might be; part of this is my expectations of "normality" from living in Japan, part of it is what I've seen come from Aunty Beeb over the years. For instance, the streets are far, far bigger than I thought they'd be; most of them are two lane at least, two lane + parking on both sides quite commonly.
Google has been interesting (if draining). I've been able to use remarkably little of my existing skillset/experience in my position, and my existing work style will have to be modified quite a bit, I think. On the other hand, my immediate coworkers seem capable and nice, so that's somewhat of a relief.
I've applied for an apartment roughly halfway between Angel and Highbuy/Islington tube stations; it's smallish, cozy, and has a bedroom door that closes. There's also a bus that goes from Victoria station to about 10m away from my door, so I could be super-lazy if I so chose. It would be quite nice to nest, as then I'd have enough energy to go out and do something with the weekend other than merely "recover".

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