grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin

japan, taxes, et al, redux

I finally submitted my tax forms (five or six months late!) around three weeks ago; the tax board sent me the appropriate bill and payment form. After figuring out how to wire money to Japan (not the easiest, because they expect you to send money from Japan, not to it), I went to my bank and tried to pay.
Day 1, first bank branch: "Uh, no, we can't do bank transfers. Why don't you go to the real bank down the street?"
Day 1, second bank branch: "Oh, it's 2:45; we can't give you money in time before the bank closes. And no, we can't do bank transfers either."
Day 2, third bank branch: "Oh! What you can do is call our call center (for which we have phones right here), have them change your withdrawal limit, and then you can go to the other bank." After changing my ATM withdrawal limit to roughly $20,000/day (!), I was finally able to withdraw a huge sheaf of bills, and walk down the street to the "real" bank.
Day 2, "real bank", 50m away: after filling out the payment form and going up to the teller, the teller took my huge pile of banknotes (189 of them, or something like that; it was about an inch and a quarter thick) without batting an eye and started manually counting them. She initially put a few through the machine counter, but I guess that was to search for forgeries or something. The actual count was done by hand, twice. After everything checked out, the teller put a stamp on my payment form; that was the only form of receipt I got.

Ah, Japan.

Any of you have opinions as to whether I should move to either London or Sydney?

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