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moof's prattling


December 9th, 2001

My wacky mom. @ 09:54 pm

Current Mood: working working
Current Music: Underworld, Live at Tramway, Glasgow, 1994

My mom tends to be kinda strange sometimes; here's a couple of excepts from some mail she sent me recently.
I enjoyed tea from my brand new poop cup [I sent her this mug for her birthday] today--Did you send that by any chance. Thought about taking it to work but I don't let them see my really nice and/or meaningful things.

Thanksgiving was fun at Doug and Barbara's [my Mom's brother and his wife] country estate that they call THE LAND. The house is called the lodge. The boys and their families were there as well as Stuart's wife's parents and son. Jason and Christine have a boy and a girl while Kjerstin and Stuart have a little boy named Anders (Ahhnders, please)

I think I get a lot of my surreal aspects from her.
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moof's prattling