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Here's what's happened to me over the past month or so, this time in non-short-cryptic update form. About five weeks ago it was decided that my group would be merged with two other groups. My then-manager knew (because he was going to no longer be a manager) -but unbeknownst to my then-manager or coworkers, the last week of April would not only be the announcement of the group merger, but also when a good portion of Yahoo!'s Sunnyvale employees would be laid off.

I flew to Sunnyvale and started scheduling meetings as best sas I could; my new manager was being a bit coy about what our schedules look like. Around noon on Tuesday the 28th, I was called into a conference room by my new manager and told that I did great work but I was being laid off anyway. No explanation was given as to why. Later, when my former coworkers asked WTF, he still didn't give much of an explanation but intimated it wasn't his decision. I was then in the south bay for a few days without much to do - but I wasn't really in much of a state to do a whole lot, regardless. To top everything off, on the flight back to Japan I got food poisoning and barfed at least a dozen times on the plane; some nice people from the airline pushed me around in a wheelchair to the open infirmary (it was a federal holiday, so the closer one was closed). I got a saline drip and rested for a few hours; while I was able to catch the last train back to downtown Tokyo, I missed the last subway back home and had to spring for a $60 cab ride (which Yahoo!'d better pay for, dammit.)

In the aftermath of my third layoff, the primary things occupying my time are going around Tokyo and being tourist, and wondering "Well, what the fuck now?". The latter consists mostly of "Do I want to stay in Japan? Can I stay in Japan? Can I find a job at an acceptable pay level that doesn't require me to speak much (if any) Japanese? And if not Japan, then what?" I'm lousy at taking vacations unless there's something specific I want to do, so this isn't exactly the most relaxing of times. Given that I had two months of vacation time stored up and I'll get three months worth of severance pay, however, I don't need to rush things excessively.

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