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all hail the company.

So. After I'd whinged up and down at HR for quite a while to get me medical insurance that'd be regularly usable in Japan, last week HR sent me an "assignment letter" that they want me to sign and return. (While I received the doc on the 21st, the doc itself is dated Mar 7.)

Now, some history: I was persuaded to accept an "assignment" rather than a "transfer" because I was told it'd make things easier for when I wanted to go back to the US: I'd be assured of having my present position, have a desk, have the transportation provided, etc. However.... the assignment letter I got says none of those things. In fact, it says the exact opposite.

And just because I don't have enough stress in my life: it's supposed to be Golden Week here in Japan from tomorrow to Tuesday; however, because of broken shit I've inherited from my just-departed erstwhile coworker, amongst other things like network deployments, I may have to forgo that and work in the office anyway.

So, yeah, I'm a wee bit stressed right now. (I hear GOOG is hiring....)
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