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moof's prattling


April 6th, 2002

random crap. @ 02:02 am

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: The Who, Eminence Front

It's 2am; I tried to go to sleep two hours ago because I have to wake up around 10:30 - but the fates conspired to make me stay up. Now, of course, I'm not sleepy. (Why get up at 10:30 on a Saturday? To help set up woom, a party where everybody will relax and blather and lie about on soft cushions. I was able to let myself get hyper about it earlier and bounced around for a bit.. Yay for relaxed and comfortable atmospheres.)

I finally found out the name of the Who song I'd been hearing for years but had never been able to pin down: "Eminence Front". Somehow, I don't think I'd ever have been able to figure that own from just hearing the not-terribly-enunciated lyrics. It's quite nice to have something bugging me for over a decade be resolved at last.

What else can I put into this kinda disjointed and not-terribly-well-written tripe? My mood seems to have stabilized a bit, although it still zigs and zags at times; I've tried taking 5-HTP along with the St. John's Wort. So far, I haven't been able to tell any difference. I imagine I'll be happier once it gets warmer at night and if and when my arms/shoulders stop acting up so damn much.

And since I feel dumb unless I put in something vaguely philosophical.... I've been noticing lately how my online persona is exaggerated in terms of sociability and role negotiation and how it's affected by mood and mental space. When I'm signed on to Yahoo Messenger, I'm almost always at work, and I tend to get into a very analytical frame of mind (as that's what I need for my job) and that I'm not good at chattering away if nothing in particular is on my mind. (I can spout laundry lists of what I've done recently, but that's not terribly social.) If some sort of role has been established previously, though, and it tends to fall along analytic lines (say, some sort of terribly complex in-joke or bantering about some particular subject) I can go hog wild. I become a lot looser in IRC-style chatting, where there's multiple viewpoints abounding and not just me blathering away, since the group role is pretty inclusive most of the time.

Ugh, my train of thought is derailing as I'm getting tired, so I'll attempt to comment on this some other time (assuming I don't look at it later and think 'what the HELL was I thinking?')

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Date:April 6th, 2002 04:55 pm (UTC)
miss you. text page me some time. there's a link on my live journal page. see you at game maybe. nice to know your still out there.

moof's prattling