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I explored the mother of all art supply stores today - Sekaido in Shinjuku. It has six floors, with one about 75% devoted to just watercolor supplies. Yowza. Would have gone to the 8 bit cafe or 16SHOTS - video-game-themed bars (icis_machine, I think you should go there), but they're closed on Sundays, alas. Was gonna go to a goth club in Shibuya, but my back was killing me and I was feeling quite meh, so saved my $25 for some other time.

And speaking of meh, I've been pretty massively depressed for the past month or two - not really getting out of bed much, sleeping an awful lot, and being completely unmotivated to go anywhere or do anything. I suspect part of it is due to this whole 'winter' thing which I'd mostly avoided by being in California; it being cold and cloudy is one surefire way of dampening my spirits.

At least my Japanese class seems to be going decently well; my verbal comprehension seems to be going way, way up.
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