grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin


Inkscape gets the moof seal of approval for open-source drawing programs. It's pleasantly reminiscent of Aldus Freehand (not Adobe, Aldus), doesn't crash, and seems to be fairly featureful. Some weird interface quirks, but eh, I can deal. What does not get the mSoA: unix input methods - in particular, scimand X in general. The former has a nasty habit of going batshit crazy and doing random things with its preferences, display windows, and what keystrokes it happens to accept today; the latter has alternate input methods as an afterthought, none of which work consistently. (gtk actually does input methods tolerably well, funnily enough.) anthy gets a small "boo" for parsing "nni" (as in "konnichiwa") as んい, not んに. This makes me look like a tard. In other news, boo on Amazon for not shipping some items (in this case, a timbuk2 messenger bag) to Japan; boo on timbuk2 for saying that shipping to japan would be $50 (!!), and yay to the ebay seller for which the total cost - including shipping - came out to be less than the retail price. (Didn't get my first choice of color, but oh well.) And finally, yay to the Japanese notion of 白ロム, 'shirorom': being able to buy a cellphone without having to do the two-year service contract. (Yeah, the phones are still [generally] provider-locked - but the telcos go out of their way to make it difficult to get a phone.)

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