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Wow, I'm terrible at updating. Not a whole lot to write about, though. Finally got my work visa, so I can now go do exciting things like... open a bank account! Buy a cellphone! Get an apartment! Little things like that.

I really need to start doing more tourist stuff. It'd be nice if my knee didn't feel like it were about to dislocate, though. Also need to get off my ass and enroll in Japanese language classes. (Had the experience of hearing Japanese and knowing what it meant without having to think about it - even though it was only "kono densha wa", or "As for this train...")

It's the Emperor's Birthday [observed] today - in addition to Xmas eve - so lotsa stuff is closed. More importantly, the solstice is finally past, so the sun will stop going down at four-fucking-thirty in the afternoon. Thank Jebus. Maybe I'll stop being so goddamned grumpy.

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