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Work is calming down a bit; I have my very own desk space, my very own work phone number (+81 3 5733 6401), etc. Still no desktop machine worth using, but eh.

Finally went out and about a little bit; on Sunday, I went to Club Chop in Ikebukuro to see Gusya ningo (ぐしゃ人間, "Nitwit person") who came out onstage with the singer wearing a sort of abstract chicken mascot costume, which was almost worth the price of admission by itself. They were the second act; when I got there, SEX -virgin killer- was onstage; I hadn't experienced Japanese deathmetal before. I'd prolly go see them again. Gusya's more fun, though. About halfway into the third act (out of six!) my back really started killing me, so home I went.

I'm a little out of it, as I had to get up at 6:30AM for my 3PM (pacific time) staff meeting. Oh well. (A link for icis_machine: - not worksafe. ) Maybe I'll attempt to find the super-secret "sells everything" location of BookOff.


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