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moved in, kindasorta

Yesterday, I finally got the key to my shiny new room; the place is kinda quaint. The wireless intarwebs there don't work for me, which is vexing - as is a bunch of other little things (like that it's at the top of a hill, that there's only one shower in the house, that there's a barrier coming down from the ceiling at about 6' off the ground.) Talked to the dude across the 'hall' from me; he's canuckistanian, and we shot the breeze for a good hour or three.

I'm also kinda grumbly because the office situation has been somewhat of a clusterfuck; nobody in the office here was told about my arrival, and they randomly moved my machine the other night (causing all my ssh sessions to go down), and that it's seeminly difficult to impossible to get me a more permanent box. Grr.

And now that the 90F/75% humidity day is over, I think I'm going to borrow an ethernet cable from the office, go home (where there's AC, unlike the office [!]) and try and bludgeon my other laptop into working.

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